Dear Worship Leader:

“Dear Worship Leader:  You have an extraordinary job with high stakes and grand opportunities.  You aren’t just a song leader.  You aren’t just a…musician…You aren’t merely on stage, and those people out there aren’t merely the audience…They are disciples, followers…Each and every week, you are helping people answer the question, How do I approach God?”

-The Worship Pastor by Zack Hicks

This is true for you no matter your role.  You might be behind the sound board.  You might be behind the light board.  You might be a set builder.  Whatever your role, you are helping people approach God.

I’ve realized this more as I’ve watched our Tech Director, Michala Halstead, learn and model this.  She didn’t start out wanting to serve in a church.  She just knew that she loved music, technology and Jesus, but here she is.  As she takes her role seriously, she realizes that learning about her brothers and sisters at ECC, praying with them and living out her faith before her family and friends is part of her role.  She is helping people approach God.

And you are the same.

Whether you realize it or not, if you are a christian then you have opportunities each week to minister to people.  The question for me this week was simply this:

“Am I going to step up and lead people to God or not?”

It’s not easy.  It takes work and effort.  I have to step out of my comfort zone at times.  But that is my calling.  And so when someone told me about a struggle they were having, I asked, “Do you mind if I pray for you right now?”  And together we approached God, the only one who has all the answers to our daily and eternal problems.

And that is your calling too.

Dear Worship Leader, this week may you not only sing or tech or design or act for the Lord.  May you live for him as you help people approach God.

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