Announcing DAVID: a one-man-musical


Yes, you read it right.  I’m working on a one-man musical based on the life of King David, the giant killing, song writing and chosen king.  As I work on it, I’m realizing that creating a one-man-musical is a lot of work.

I know. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

But, let me share a couple observations…

  1.  David was a tough guy.  He killed bears and lions with his bare hands.  The man not only killed Goliath, but killed hundreds of Philistines.  So much so, that God called him a “man of blood”.
  2. David was an amazing singer/songwriter.  David was the top artist of his day.  If there had been a Billboard Top Ten list, David’s songs would fill most of the list week after week.  While it’s been a challenge at times, putting original music to his lyrics has given me an appreciation for the depth of emotion, the engaging story-telling and gripping use of metaphor.
  3. Saul was a nut-job.  I might be exaggerating a little bit.  BUT, he is so consumed by jealousy, hatred and dark moods, that he swings from murderous blood-lust to blubbering regret.  He is seen multiple times “with his spear in hand” which seems a little ominous to me, right?

Right now, I’m memorizing the script and music while developing movement and characterization.  This is the hard work behind the craft of theatre.  However, I’m keenly aware that this is God’s word.  I want to do my best to make it engaging and real for the audience.

You will be hearing more about the project as a piece will be performed at Emmanuel in June 2017 and then the full show with all-for-One Productions on February 16-18, 23-25 of 2018! CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS!  For now, here is an unfinished demo of  Psalm 59 David wrote after Saul sent soldiers to his house to kill him!


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