Hillbilly Nativity

What was it like for Mary and Joseph?

As we get closer to Christmas, I’ve been wondering what it would be like now…


The first thing they noticed was the broken window.  The inn had been full so the broken down mobile trailer out back and down the dirt road was the only place available.

The second thing they noticed was the strong smell of cat pee.

“Oh LORD, please help us,” Joseph whispered as they stepped on the rubber mats covering the floor since the carpet had been torn out.  

The dirty, bearded man in the kitchen of the inn had said this place was available and that he’d turn on the heat.  Apparently that meant turning on the stove top burner simultaneously heating the living/dining room and filling it with the smell of natural gas.  Joseph moved quickly to the stove turning off the gas before they exploded in a huge fireball and then returned to the living room to help Mary sink down into the old Lazy-boy chair.

“This chair is so broken, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get out of it,” Mary sighed as she rubbed her bulging belly.

“I’m sorry.  It’s just a night or two,” said Joseph, “and then we’ll be able to go home to Nazareth before the baby is born.” 

“I hope so,” replied Mary, “that would be…AHHH!”

“What?  What’s wrong?  What’s wrong?” asked Joseph.

“AHHHH!” said Mary.  “I think that’s what they call a really, hard contraction.”

“Well those can happen a week or two before a baby is born, right?” Joseph asked, while knowing that this wasn’t one of those times.

“Maybe sometimes that happens,” gasped Mary, “but my water just broke so I don’t think this is one of those times.  AHHH!”

It was at that moment that both Mary and Joseph had the same thought simultaneously.  They both wished they were home instead of this leaky, smelly trailer.


We know that Mary and Joseph were in a cave, probably by themselves.  There are some other things that we can assume from the text, but the one thing that we know is that it wasn’t an ideal situation.  But here’s the thing, they were in the middle of God’s perfect plan.

Our family is in a similar situation in that we are waiting for a baby in what many people would call a less than ideal situation, but we believe we are are also in the middle of God’s plan.  This Christmas, wherever you find yourself, may you find your ache for peace, hope, joy and love in Jesus.  He is the one born to first time parents in a place no woman would want to give birth.

It was a mess and yet…and yet he came anyway.  He came to be with us in the middle of our own mess.

Your mess.  My mess.

That’s an amazing gift.

Merry Christmas.


BTW, that is not my image.  It’s from The CarpetBagger Blog.  Thanks!

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