Adoption Psalm 126

It was about this time last year that we were meeting with a birth mom and hoping we would have a baby in our home for Christmas.  As I think you know, that didn’t happen.

And here we are a year later.

It’s easy to wonder what God has planned for us, but instead I’m trying to actively thank God for this time of waiting.  One way I can do that is in prayer.

“Thank you Lord, for making us wait for this baby.  We want the right baby for us.  And we will wait on You, Lord…”

But until that happens, I can also rewrite psalms to help insert myself into God’s story.  In the same way the psalmists waited for the Lord, I will wait.  In the same way Christians have waited for millennia, I will wait.  So here is my Adoption Psalm 126…until our baby comes home…

When the Lord first brought us a baby,
    it was like living in a dream.
Our mouths bubbled with laughter,
    and we couldn’t stop singing.
All of the email (pre-Facebook) notes said,
    “God has done great things for you.”
The Lord had done great things for us,
    and we were filled with joy.

Bring us another baby now, Lord,
    like you did over a decade ago.
We who have cried tears
    will sing with songs of joy.
We who have been weeping,
    carrying nothing but memories in our arms,
will return with lullabies of love,
    carrying newborns in them.


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