This is part of a two part series.  To read the first post, click here.

This past weekend, the ECC Worship Arts staff (and Chris Kuntz, a former ECC worship leader) traveled to the Doxology&Theology Conference to learn and grow together.  We did learn something good things, but some of the conference was a little academic.  It was good, but we had to dig for the gold.  One of the best things at the conference was the singing!  Check out this video of 600 voices singing, “Look and See”.

The four of us also grew together and most of that was done by just laughing together.  We laughed A LOT.  Some of it was stupid boy humor, but some of it was just the joy of being together.  We’ve known each other for a long time and there is a easy relationship that comes with time.

But going back to the the good stuff we learned, here are a few of the gold nuggets that I dug up and polished for you.  I hope they help as we all lead God’s people in worship…

If you want to know what people believe, watch how they worship and pray.

This was a challenging statement to me from author, seminary president and pastor Albert Mohler.  I had to ask myself, “what would people say we truly believe if they watched us worship at Emmanuel?”

Scripture is the norm for all of life including worship.

Our motto is “His Word/Our Walk”.  I hope that you are able to see that scripture is not only the way we know how to live, but the way we know how to worship.  We use scripture all throughout our services.

As Christians, we need to work for both truth and beauty.

It’s easy to go to extremes.  I see Christians who either love the truth and don’t care for beauty or love beauty at the expense of the truth.  However, God made both and both are good for our souls.  Beauty by itself not only won’t save you, but can become idolatry.  Truth by itself will rarely inflame the heart and also won’t save you.  As author Mike Cosper reminded us, we need to work for both!

What is the relationship between the informed mind and the inflamed heart?

That brings me to the question by Pastor Scottie Smith.  What is the relationship between the informed mind and the inflamed heart?  Prayer.  Living in the gospel of Grace.  Remembering God’s works.  These intentional ways of living help us connect our mind and our hearts.

Prayer is something that inherently connects our theology and doxology…

Pastor Scottie Smith said something else.  He said the Prayer is something that connects our theology (truth about God) and doxology (our praise).  When you pray, you are engaging in worship, but you have to have a relationship with God to pray.  We need to pray more!  I need to pray more!

NO one needs the gospel [at Emmanuel] more than me.

The gospel is another way to connect the heart and mind.  Too many times we assume that people know and live the gospel.  Not true.  We need to continue to remind each other.  As musicians, techs, dramatists and vocalists we get caught up in the performance aspect of a service and forget what God has done to save us.  And no one needs the gospel more than me.  Except me…and YOU!

When life gets derailed, many times we think back to the things we have sung or prayed.-Charlie Hall

REMEMBER God’s works.  This was a good reminder When life goes down the drain, remember what we have prayed and sung in the past.  Remember what God has done and preach to your own soul.  I have had to do this numerous times.

So for all of us as we get ready for this Sunday.  Let’s remember together.  Let’s be people of prayer and the word who ooze passion for the Lord.

There is no such thing as a normal Sunday.

Each weekend, we have a chance to come together and worship the holy God of the universe.

Each weekend, we have the opportunity to give glory to God and to help others worship!


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