How to Run Rehearsals & Build Teamwork


This past week, 13 artists from ECC attended the Worship Connect conference at Sweetwater Sound.  While there, we attended main sessions with Chris Tomlin’s band, Christy Nockels and Todd Fields.  We also had the chance to go to breakouts on topics like “How to Create a In-Ear Monitor Mix”.

Let me share a few thoughts from our Tech Director, Michala…she says…

“It Starts with You!”  What…?

  • Yes.  Be prepared
  • Know your stuff.  Rehearsal is a place to put the pieces together, NOT for you to learn your part.
  • Part of that is having the attitude that “You’ll never be waiting on me”.  If we are all prepared, we won’t end up sitting around waiting for each other.

What are the Three Phases of a Productive Rehearsal?

 656817285c058dd0ab9512f3c00c60d81.  Line check (Before 3:00PM on Sat or 7:30AM on Sun)

  • Band: get plugged in properly
  • Vocalists: check mic batteries
  • Tech: as everyone sets up, cancel out any buzz or hum

2.  Sound check (At 3:00PM on Sat or 7:30AM on Sun)

  • Band: play a groove everyone is comfortable with as a band before rehearsing Tech team: get signal and rough mix
  • Vocalist: warming up during the band’s sound check
  • Tech team: get signal and rough mix

3.  Rehearsal (3:30PM on Sat or 8:00AM on Sun)matthew-glider-300x182

  • Band and Vocals: get final mix in P16s
  • All: this is the time to improve, not to learn the song

What is Our Bullseye as a Team?

First, we exist to give glory to God and to help others worship

How do we know when we have helped others worship?  One of the ways we know is when the vocalists pull off the mics and we all hear the people sing!

How Do We Create a Great Team?

By continuing our goal of unity…let’s build a bridge between the booth and the stage and remember we are all one team.

When you come in to serve next, say hello to a singer, band member, and tech team and help one another to prepare our hearts to encounter God.

Thanks and credit goes to Sweetwater Online for the pictures!

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