Waiting as Worship…

There is still no news to report on our adoption. 


As you can imagine, that is a bit discouraging.  We had three birth moms over the first 4 months express interest in our profile.  But now it’s been almost 5 months and…nothing.

It’s easy to think that because there is no news that nothing is happening.  It’s also easy to think that since we aren’t filling out paperwork, filling out profiles, meeting w/ adoption workers, fund-raising or writing checks that nothing is happening.  But this isn’t reality.

Reality is something defined outside myself.

Reality is something defined by something bigger than life circumstances.

Reality is what God says about himself and his world.

God reminded me of that this week as I was reading a book on worship.  Worship Pastor Aaron Ivey writes,

“One of the truest postures of worship is to marry song and service, to live out the lyrics we sing through gospel-centered justice.  Gospel-centered justice is a realization that since we have been loved, we then loved.  Since we have been adopted, we then adopt and care of the orphan.”

As I read those words, I was reminded of what I’ve learned over the last 16 years of leading worship services.  I might be able to sing better than someone else.  I might be able to sing God’s truth in a powerful way.  I might be able to pray in a way that helps people hear the voice of God.  But, all of that is as nothing if that’s all it is.  My role as a worship leader is to not only lead God’s people in beautiful and biblically rich songs, it is also to lead us towards a life of worship.

DSC00492So as we wait for the right baby, the one that God is working around the clock to prepare for us,  I am reminding myself that adoption is a picture of God’s love for us.  Adoption is an act of worship for me.  Waiting is one of the ways we gain perseverance and character and that leads to hope in God.  Waiting is an act of worship for me.  But that’s me.

Let me turn the focus in an awkward way towards you. 

How are you living in a way that worships God? 

Are you waiting for him? 

Are you trusting in him? 

Are you surrendering your finances and relationships to him? 

If not, you aren’t living in reality.  You are living in a self-made fiction.  I don’t pretend to have it all figured out.  I’m having the learn it the hard way, but it’s a crucial question to ask.  

So may all of us who follow Jesus both sing and live our worship…even if it means waiting.


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