Family Missions in Camichines – 1


It’s day 1 in Camichines with my brother, Noah and his wife, Katie.  We got in late last night.  Later than planned, actually, because Delta lost one of our bags.  You know, the one with all the costumes and materials for the three days of VBS.  ARGH!  We also didn’t have the address for Ranchito Con Esperanza because it’s THAT far out in the country.  So when we found Noah in the airport, he had to call the airlines and give them the info.  And that was after the full day of international travel from Fort Wayne to Chicago to Atlanta to Guadalajara!

But today has been better.  We slept in this manana and then got the tour of the two houses, school, dining room, clinic and courtyard.  Surprisingly, our missing luggage arrived just in time for our first VBS hour where we did a magic trick, sang songs in Spanish and told the story of Creation.

Resting now from the travel, heat (over 100 in the sun!) and altitude (over 4,000′ above sea level).  In 30 min, we are driving to Cochula(home of mariachi music!), to watch the kids Tai Kwan Do class.  We’ll probably walk around the town’s centro too.


The birds and cattle start competing to see who makes the most noise around 3:30 AM in Camichines.  And let me tell you, the cacophony of sound is deafening!  Even now, just before 10 AM, the cicadas, chickens and other birds are a constant layer of noise in the background.  Anyone who says the country is still and quiet hasn’t spent much time here.  It’s just as noisy as the city in the morning, just different noise…


It’s our third day in Camichines and we are feeling more adjusted.  It definitely takes awhile though.  Most days start around 8:30 with breakfast for the 20+ kids at the ranchito.  Then school at 9.  Lunch starts for the little kids at 1 PM with the older kids coming over at 1:30.  Then back to school around 2:15 until after 4 PM when the kids have time to play or do chores.  That goes until 7PM when the bedtime routine starts with showers, PJs, THEN dinner, reading time and finally bedtime.  Most of the kids are in bed by 9 when the adults finally get some time off.

VBS went well again today as we told the story of Daniel in the lion’s den.  (Always a favorite with kids…especially when they get to be the roaring lions around Daniel.  In this case, Daniel was ME!)  Our main point through the three days of VBS is that while other people will trick your eyes, your mind or your heart, God will never trick us.  His word is always true.  So far so good…later today we are going to do some sight seeing in Guadalajara (2nd largest city in Mexico!) with Noah and Katie.  It will be good to spend some time with them as family and not as staff at the ranchito.

More later…adios!

This is the first of two posts on our family missions trip to Mexico.  If you want to read about the rest of the trip, click here…


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