Loving the Least in Mexico

The year was 1999.

My new wife and I were leading a mission trip made up of students from Huntington University.  As a part of the trip, we visited an orphanage.  The kids mostly sat on thin mattresses, blankets or the bare concrete floor.  They had blank stares.  Many of them had hair that was turning orange due to mal-nutrition.  Others didn’t know how to play basic games.  As I started “Patty-cake, patty-cake, baker’s man…”,

they just stared.

That was the trip that started us on the road to adoption.  We knew then that these kids didn’t need lots of money.  They didn’t need their own bedroom.  They didn’t need designer labels on their clothes.  They didn’t need to be in the “talented and gifted” program at school.  They need a Mommy and Daddy to love them.  We looked at each other and thought, “we could do that”.

p_main_volunteerSo now here we are in the year 2016, after two adoptions and waiting to hear about our third, and we are again going to another country, Mexico this time, to serve in an orphanage.  We know the kids in this place won’t be as bad off.  They have clothes and beds. They go to school and church.  But they are still orphans.  We won’t be able to bring any of them home, (Most of them aren’t adoptable for various reasons) but we can sing songs, use drama to tell bible stories, draw on the side-walks with chalk and be silly.  That we can do.

So until the next little Ward comes along, we are following these words…

“…whatever you do for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you do for me.”

This is the first of three posts on our family missions trip to Mexico.  To read about the trip, click here…


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