Proof of the Resurrection

Across the world this weekend, Christians actively remember Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.  When I say “actively remember” what I mean is that we aren’t just creating worship services as holy obituaries to a good man.  No.  Instead, we are entering into his death so that we can experience his life now and in eternity.

At our church, we will be talking about the best proofs of resurrection story.  How can we be sure that Jesus did rise from the dead?  There are a number of different reasons to believe despite what the world may say.  However, there is another proof that we miss too much of the time.  As author Robert Webber writes,

The primary metaphor for the Easter season is the church as the resurrected people living a resurrected spirituality.  Ancient-Future Time: Forming Spirituality through the Christian Year

Why does the world miss this?  Why do we?  I think part of the reason is our failure as believers to live out our resurrected lives.  When our Easter Monday is no different than anyone else’s, where is the proof of the resurrection?  When we gain the whole world, but loose our souls in the process, where is the proof?  When we forget to give even a cup of cold water in the name of Jesus, where is the proof?

This year, let’s be the proof of the Resurrection.  Not just on Easter weekend, but on Easter Monday and every Monday after that…


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