Rejecting Jesus

PalmSunday16_title2Beginning Holy Week, we are focusing on some of the reasons people have rejected Jesus over the millennia.  It’s been interesting for me to look at all the references to the Messiah being rejected in the Old Testament.  It doesn’t seem like a surprise on this side of the story.  So I worked on a spoken word piece based on Isaiah 53 to help us reconnect with the rejection of the Son of God who came to suffer and die for the world.

We rejected Jesus.

His message.

His life.

He grew up,

a bitty boy

from the wrong side

of the tracks.

He wasn’t handsome,

a stud or lady killer.

He wasn’t built,

majestic or ripped.

He was hated and forgotten,

full of grief and sad with sorrow.

He was like the homeless man

(we look the other way

when we can).

He was hated and forgotten.

We rejected Jesus,

but he took our sadness

sorrow and shame,

“Save us” was his name,

and yet,

and yet,

We rejected Jesus.

He was beaten

mocked and scorned,

For our sin he freely bore.

Smashed and crushed.

whipped and nailed

and by his blood

sinners are healed.

Even us,

those who rejected Jesus.

With all this injustice

he didn’t say a word.

Mute like a lamb,

a lamb part of God’s plan,

he didn’t say a word.

He was taken away,

nailed to a beam

and while it might seem

like he was guilty,

he was pure…

but we made sure

he suffered.

We rejected Jesus.

But not just you and me.

God was pleased

to hang him on that tree,

an offering and sacrifice.

His life was the price.

He didn’t need to give it twice.

As soldiers rolled the dice,

Jesus came to be our Christ.

yet we…





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