New Song: Glorious

I’ve been thinking about heaven.

Heaven is a place where God reigns; a place where pain and sadness is a bad dream and God’s glory is so bright that there is no need for the sun.  No need for the sun!  The glory of God will be so bright and yet we will see him fully.

16456041272_6b357e1c2d_kThinking about Heaven, I realize that few things in my life are truly glorious.  I might use the adjective to describe a sunset, newly fallen snow or a delicious breakfast (like the over-easy eggs this morning), but none of that compares to God’s fully manifest glory in heaven.

And glory is a funny word, isn’t it?  We throw that word around in Christian circles with other church-y words like “fellowship”, but do we know what glory means let alone God’s glory?

Glory emanates from God himself in the same way light emanates from the sun or heat from a flame.

Glory means having and deserving fame, or honor.  God already has and yet deserves more fame and honor.

Glory also means being marked by great beauty or impressive brightness.

Our God is glorious for all these reasons so we are going to learn a new song focusing on God’s glory…it starts simply…

Glorious, shout it out and
Glorious, make it louder
Jesus, we shout Your name
Jesus, You make our praise
Glorious, You are glorious

This is a call to worship God.  I love the fact that we are calling each other to worship God and give him more glory…as David writes

Praise be to the Lord God, the God of Israel,
    who alone does marvelous deeds.
Praise be to his glorious name forever;
    may the whole earth be filled with his glory.
Amen and Amen. (Psalm 72:18)

Verse 1 comes from the psalms too.  “The Lord reigns forever, your God, O Zion, for all generations. Praise the Lord.” (146:10)

My God You reign forever and ever
How great Your name
Your love remains forever and ever
You stay the same

The Pre-Chorus continues the theme of calling each other to worship the Lord in a loud voice and with singing!

Shout it out shout it out, if you know He’s good
Sing it out sing it out, for the Lord is good
Shout it out loud, “You are glorious”

But how do we truly experience God’s glory?  Jesus.  Jesus is the way we see and truly experience God’s glory.

The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven.

We added Verse 2 to helps us understand this verse from Hebrews 1:3…

He took our shame and sin forever
He rose again
We claim His name and life forever
Jesus, who came

After singing that, we truly understand the song’s bridge that Jesus is the “radiance of God’s glory” and he is glorified in heaven, “marked by impressive beauty and brightness”.

Shine, Jesus, You shine for all the world to see
You are glorious

As we sing, may the whole earth be full of His glory as it is in heaven…

  •  Definition of “glorious” from Merriam Webster online:

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