Learning About Worship-2

As the conversation swirled around the room, I realized again that I have more to learn than I have to teach.  This week, we talked about our inability to worship apart from Jesus.  We started with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden and saw that worship in Eden was “natural”.  Adam and Eve were made to worship and it was like breathing to them.  But then they decided to worship themselves and fell into sin and idolatry.  We sped through the Old Testament and ended with Jesus, the one who came to make us into worshipers.  Worship is his gift of revelation to us.

As I reflect on the class, there were a couple other things that I learned.

  1. “We have to unlearn before we can learn.”  There are so many things we learn from bad teaching, culture or our own assumptions that we have to unlearn.  Scripture is the only way to do that.
  2. “We need to pray more.”  But we also need to learn from prayer practices of the past.  We have been using the Lectio Divina (bible meditation) and Examen prayer practice.  A number of people commented that it helped make the bible even more personal to them.  They also had a greater sense of God speaking to them directly through the Word.
  3. I made a comment in class about how art and God are both hard to understand.  I also said that worship was so much more important than art.  And in the grand scheme of things it is, but I also need to be careful not to reinforce the false divide between worship and life.  Creating art is part of our worship and God commands us to use it when we come together as a faith community.  Also, the connection between art being hard to understand and God being hard to understand is a good marriage.  Art can help us experience (and therefore better understand) God’s mysterious qualities that aren’t easily explained.

I’m already looking forward to week 3.  Until then, here is the video from this week and week 1.

Let’s all worship Jesus in the Spirit and truth.



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