Learning about Worship-1

272192_10150256879419533_143137219532_7302181_6926953_oAs I stood in front of the class this past week, I was struck by the answers to the question, “why are you here?”  People had a variety of different answers, but there were also hints in the answers of some of the problems we have in worship.  Let’s face it, we all have personal issues right?  And we all have personal issues with worship whether that is the style of music, the lyrics, if the musicians are tuned or if the girl singing up front recently dyed her hair red!  As I sit back now and reflect on the answers, I think you could condense them down into four statements.  This is what people might say…

Worshiping God is hard because of my life, unfulfilled hopes and pain.  My experience seems to contradict God’s goodness.

I don’t understand how the weekend worship at ECC connects to my everyday life.

I don’t get music and I can’t sing.  I’ve seen too much tension because of music in church.  I wonder if we make music into too big a deal.

The worship I hear people talk about seems insignificant in light of all my daily pressures, issues, responsibilities and my crazy boss!

Those are all serious questions.  Bob Kauflin, in his book True Worshipers, echoes them with his own questions…

“…What does it mean for us now?  Does it make any difference?

I think God knew that we’d struggle with this question because in John 4, we read that Jesus meets with a Samaritan woman at a well.  She asks questions which, for much of the conversation, Jesus ignores.  He’s more interested in this woman’s life and her question about worship.  She points to geography, tradition and people groups as a basis for worship.  Jesus again ignores all of that and tells her that God the Father is seeking worshipers and he has sent the Son of God to give them the gift of worship.

Does that sound crazy to anyone else?  Our Father God, the Maker of the universe, is seeking something…WHY?  I don’t know if I have the full answer, but I think we can say that God seeks what is important to him…and HE IS SEEKING WORSHIPERS!  But not just any kind of worship.  He tells the woman at the well that the Father is seeking worshipers who worship in the Spirit and in truth.  But what does that mean?  Let me break it down simply…

  • SPIRIT…we only worship in and through the spirit of Jesus.  Jesus is the one who sends the Holy Spirit to us!
  • TRUTH…we only worship in and through the truth of who Jesus is.  The truth is that Jesus is the only way to salvation.

Or as Bob Kauflin breaks it down…


If you want to worship God, you can only do that through Jesus.  The Holy Spirit of God from Jesus and the work of Jesus as the only way to life.  God is seeking those kinds of worshipers.  And here is the part that I’m still trying to understand:  GOD WANTS TO MAKE YOU A WORSHIPER TOO.  He is calling you and seeking you to worship him in the Spirit and in truth.  And that is only through Jesus.  This means that worship isn’t up to me and my life circumstances or my efforts or performance.  It’s up to Jesus and his grace.

“…worship begins with god’s extravagant grace, not our earnest efforts…he is the center of true worship…”

You can catch the class notes with audio here…


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