6 Facts about the Almost Semi-Annual Golden Tape Awards!


This Sunday we again host the Almost Semi-Annual Golden Tape Awards!  Last year, if you were there, you remember that it was quite a night.  Jessi Hott went overboard in creating an amazing event at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.  This year we wanted to go even bigger so we decided to host this year’s party at THE EMMANUEL COMMUNITY COMMONS!

Yes, I know.  I was amazed too.

But there are some things you might not know about the Golden Tape Awards if you haven’t attended them before…or even if you have.  I’ve compiled a list of 6 facts you might not know about the Almost Semi-Annual Golden Tape Awards!


This is a real party!  Most awards ceremonies, including the Oscars, are dry, meaning that there are no snacks while you watch.  But, the Golden Tape Awards are different.  After dinner is served (or everyone serves themselves!), and once the live show begins the eating keeps going.  So, the heckling, laughing, and bustle in the room are real…people are partying!


The Golden Tape awards are lined up neatly on a little table, by the side of the stage.  Last year, I stood right next to the table with a group of people and was surprised at how unguarded they are.  Anyone could steal one and put it on Craig’s List for a whole $0.50!!!


In fact, everyone has to line up for Awards show parties, even the stars.  Last year, I lined up right behind Dan Friend and Chris Kuntz, ya’ll!!!!


The Golden Tape Awards get a makeover almost every year because every year we think, “Wow, let’s NOT do THAT again!”


Speaking of the actual award, you might be wondering what’s it made of?  The Golden GLOBE award is 24-carat gold and an exotic marble base.  However, the Golden TAPE Award is made of only the finest plastic, gold spray paint and exotic cassette tapes!


There is only one REAL award.  Each year we award one person the “Hand to the Plow” award.  This comes from Luke 9:62:

Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”  

We want to acknowledge that everyone has worked hard to glorify God and to help others worship, but some go the extra mile.  We want to acknowledge them and aspire to be like them too.

And that’s all 6 little-known facts about the awards!  I look forward to see you on Sunday when our host (me), will say,

Welcome to this year’s Almost Semi-Annual Golden Tape Awards!



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