Learning about Race: Psalm 133

I’ve been writing about racial reconciliation and how God calls us to bravely live in harmony, not melody.  God has designed all nations to come together in (1)the new humanity (2)through His son, Jesus.


But that is not just a New Testament idea.  The nations, all colors of people, coming to worship the one, true God is all through the Old Testament and especially in the psalms.  I’ve sung Psalm 133 before, but it was in a room with a bunch of vanilla, white people like me.  We had some differences, but not many.  However, in the context of racial reconciliation, it takes on a whole new depth of meaning.  Here is a spoken word, neo-psalm version of 133.

How valuable and refreshing it is

when God’s people,

(Brown, Yellow, Black and White)




even laugh 


together in unity.

It is like holy, precious skin oil

rubbed on a black head,

running down a hipster beard,

running down a back-water beard,

running down the collar of a Greek priest’s robe.

It is as if the life-water of a snow-capped mountain

were to leak onto a dessert peak of God’s choosing.

Two places different in diversity sharing,

yes, enjoying

God’s blessing.

For there in that diverse unity

is life and holy community,

now and forevermore.


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