Thoughts on Temptation

“I’m turning 40 this year and I just get frustrated because I think I should be past these things by now…”

It was one of those interesting conversations.  I had known this guy for years, but we’d never been close and then he called me up to have coffee.  He wanted to reach out and stand with me as my family remembered Silas’ death this month.  And it was in the course of that conversation that we started talking about temptation.  We are both turning 40 and we both thought that we’d be further along by now.  Why do we still deal with some of the same temptations?  It’s frustrating.  It’s embarrassing.  

And I don’t think we’re alone.  One of the songs on my iPod starts w/ this lyric:

I thought that we’d be further along by now.

I can’t remember how we stumbled to this place…

In fact, this is the age old problem that has haunted humanity from the Fall.  Even Abraham struggled with temptation and this week we are going to find out the way he dealt with it.  

(Spoiler alert:  he didn’t do that well!)  

We all want to do better and try harder to resist temptation.  We all know that we’ll resist sometimes and fail sometimes.  So we keep our eyes focused on the one who was tempted in every way and yet did not sin.  

That’s the beauty of grace and mercy.

**lyric from “Long Lost Brother” by Over the Rhine


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