The Truth of Who God Is…

This week, we have a guest writer…you read about our intern, Jessi, earlier, but now she is going to share a few thoughts on worship… 

JH-intern picAs most of you know, I have been in school for three years now learning to become a worship arts director.  Even now, the reason I am at ECC is because I am studying under Sam and the rest of the guys to learn to be a fantastic one, like they are.  So a daily challenge for me, both in my spiritual life and in my studies, has been to find out why we should worship and how we, as humans, can communicate effectively to our God.

I have been reading Sarah Young’s devotionals over the past few years.  I find them inspiring and the exact right length to get my thoughts going without losing my concentration. I want to share one with you from her book, “Take My Heart Oh God”, entitled “Stand and Worship” 

…Our worship is based on the truth of who God is.  He is worthy of every word of praise, every tear of thanks, every smile of joy.  It is not the fervency of our words or emotions that make for truth; the truth already exists.  Worship is simply our way of responding to God’s love and faithfulness.

 Emotions are evidence of your deep devotion to God.  Listen for his still, small voice or his gentle touch on your heart.  Soak in the wonder of God’s love.  Linger in worship until you are full to overflowing. Praise him. Thank him. He deserves it.

 Sarah has written an excellent devotional for us. She has illustrated that the truth…the reality of our God is shown by his love and mercies, and that we should worship him to show how thankful we are that he has made himself known to us.

So this week I challenge you, spend time in worship. 

During this Lent season, we are taking more time for God, so I encourage you to add this to your schedule:  find a place where you can be alone. When you find that place, spend time worshiping God for who he truly is.  Understand that it is not the number of words you say, or the emotions taking place in you that make the time worshipful.  It is the fact that you are acknowledging how great your God truly is…

 Respond to his awesome love.

Keep worshiping. 

Don’t worry, he will fill you!

And remember to give him glory throughout the day. His mercy doesn’t stop once you step out of that quiet place.  Praise him for the green stop lights and the easy dinners that the kids actually gobbled up!  Praise him for the little things as well as the massive things that show his great love for us!

God is Spirit.  Those who worship him must

do so in spirit and in truth. -John 4:24

Remember friends, we exist to give glory to God and to help others worship!


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