Church Musician “Madlibs”

Having a daughter who is 8, our family uses Mad Libs a lot to survive long trips. But this is a whole new twist. Written by my cousin Kirk, who is a worship leader in St Louis, this funny exercise helps demonstrate the challenges worship leaders face and the emotions surrounding the arts in the church! I hope you take this in a spirit of fun as we all learn to laugh as we understand each other…

Worship In The City

The following is a fairly typical experience for most of us who serve as musicians in the church:

This weekend, I was approached by one of the ____________(adjective) members of our congregation. They loved the number of _____________(genre) style songs we sing but they wished that there were more__________(genre) style songs. This made me feel _________(emotion) despite the fact that the worship that Sunday made me feel __________(emotion).

When I came in to work that week, the pastor told me that music was really ______________(adjective) and the Spirit really ____________(past-tense verb) but  he received an email from a __________(adjective) person who thought that the music was too _______________(adjective). I ___________(adverb) thanked him for this feedback and then when he left the office I ________(adverb) closed the door and said ___________(expletive).

At rehearsal that Saturday, most of the volunteers were __________(adjective) but some were__________(adjective). This made me feel________________(emotion) and I ___________(adverb) reminded them that…

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