Tech Upgrades and Misc Changes…

“We exist to give glory to God and to help others worship!”

Every weekend, we stand in a circle as a team and say that together.  It’s not just a motto.  It’s not just a nice sound-bite to pump up the team.

It’s a description of our DNA.

This is why we exist as a ministry.

Since 2000 when I started at ECC, there has been a dream to add sound treatment, a new sound system, intelligent lighting and studio space to our building.  And now, it’s happening!  As we do this, I keep coming back to that first phrase.  I keep asking myself, “Will this give glory to God?  Will this help others worship?”

I believe the answer to both questions is “yes”.

This goes along with the other building project to create a new children’s wing, new nurseries and remodel a new gathering area.  It’s all designed to help us give glory to God in what we do.  So all around, we are making a variety of changes.  Here is the short list for the Worship Arts side of things…

  • Sound treatment panels on the walls of the WC.
  • New sound system in the WC.
  • New digital sound boards in both the WC and FLC.
  • New in-ear monitors for both the WC and FLC.
  • New projectors in both locations bringing our projection up to HD quality.
  • 2 new screens in the FLC to give better viewing angles.
  • New light board, lighting positions and light board in the WC. (Some new lighting in FLC)
  • New video studio space.
  • New recording studio space.

So what does that mean for volunteers?  It means that we will be having training coming up.  Please, please, please make it priority to attend the training scheduled for your area.  

TECHS, this means you! (Audio techs, we need you here on Sat, Feb 22nd from 9 to noon!)

MUSICIANS, this means you!  (Stay tuned!)

VOCALISTS, this means you!  (Stay tuned!)

And for our church as a whole, it will mean that people will better be able to hear the word of God through our sound system.  It means that we will be better able to see what is happening on stage.  It means that we will have more colors to tell the story visually.  It means that we will be better able to send the message through video.  It means we will have creative space to make videos and audio recordings to better reflect God’s glory in us.

Now is that all there is to worship?

No.  Not by any means.

The whole point of this blog is to help us see worship through God’s perspective realizing that all of our lives are worship.  That means the way we suffer and the way we treat our kids.  That also means the way we come together on a weekend as a community to worship.  I believe that this upgrade will not only be a dream coming into reality, it will help us give glory to God.

“We exist to give glory to God and to help others worship.”


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