Living God’s Glory

This morning, I looked over my shoulder at the sunrise as I drove toward work.  Pinks, purples, oranges, blues and greys mixed and mingled with clouds that swept across the sky like cotton candy.  And I thought of the glory of God…

This past week, I was in a hurry to get out of the door with my daughter and she was going SO SLOW!  In an attempt to speed her up, I made a sarcastic comment.  (Disclaimer: this is NOT an example of good parenting!)  My wife immediately called me on it and I apologized.  My daughter looked up into my face and said, “It’s ok, Daddy.  I forgive you.”  As she hugged me I thought, “this is the glory of God in my life.”

The week before that, the Emmanuel Theatre Co. went to eat a meal with the families living at the Inter-faith Hospitality Network house.  We took chili, bread and veggies.  As we ate together, a little, baby girl smiled at me across the table as she dumped ALL her food on the floor.  And in the smiles and conversations around the table, I saw the glory of God…

This week, we are digging into the theme of God’s glory which is one of the MAJOR themes  of the whole bible.  As author Robert E. Webber writes,

God’s story is . . . a true picture of the world and our place in it. And through this picture we hear the voice of God who says . . . “I opened the way for you to live in my embrace of you and the world…Now go…Make your life and this world the theater of my glory.”

The question to ask is “what is our role in all of this?”  I think we’ll see that God’s glory is in all of creation, in the normal parts of our life, and in the stories we tell to everyone around us.

So this weekend, let’s dig into a little book of the bible called Habakkuk and see what message the Lord has for us as we talk about God’s glory.

-quote from Robert E. Webber’s, The Divine Embrace: Recovering the Passionate Spiritual Life (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2006), 142.


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