Have a Story-worthy Week…

Yesterday, I was painting the stucco on my shed.  It was a grey-brown and mostly finished, but it needed a little touch up.  As I painted, I was listening to a podcast called “The Moth”.  It’s just a random collection of people telling real-life stories about themselves…and it’s fascinating.  The two stories I heard where of a man coming to terms with the personal tragedy of shooting his best friend in a hand-gun accident and of a woman who was sent to live with her aunt on an island after the birth of her half-brother.  At the end of each podcast, the host of the show says, “I hope you have a story-worthy week”.  I always wonder to myself,

what does it mean to have a story worthy week?

I’m not sure yet.  But I do know this:  stories define us.

They help us understand our whole world and our own place in it.  Just this past week, my daughter and I talked stories that help her understand the world.  Basic things like life, death and what happens afterwards…

“Daddy, what is that thing?”

“That’s called a mausoleum, honey.  Some people, when they die, are buried in a stone case like that instead of in the ground.”

“Oh.  Ok.  You should race Allie (our dog), back to the car.”  And that’s how most deep conversations go with kids, right?

There are so many stories swirling around us, but the difference is which story a person lives out.  That makes all the difference in how you interpret your life.  As missionary, Lesslie Newbigin wrote,

The question is whether the faith that finds its focus in Jesus is the faith with which we seek to understand the whole of history, or whether we limit this faith to a private world of religion and hand over the public history of the world to other principles of explanation.

In other words, the Word of God gives us the basic, big story to understand the world.  The amazing part is that we get to live out our own sub-plot of God’s story.  And when we grasp that, we see that God’s story is as wide as His creation…we get to live out our sub-plots in our families, on the golf-course, in the class-room, in the car, at work, in art and talking to our neighbors.  It’s all a sub-plot in God’s bigger story.  So what story are you telling?  Is it part of God’s bigger story?  Is it worth re-telling?  I hope so.

In fact, I hope you have a story-worthy week.


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