The Message of the Bible in One Sentence?

I found this interesting and challenging…in a twitter world, how do you communicate the gospel in one sentence?  As you can see, this group didn’t try to limit themselves to 140 characters, but they did do it in one sentence.  A few lines that jumped out at me where that “God is so covenantally commited to the world that…”.  Great alliteration, but also a good concept for those who claim covenant theology…it’s not just a covenant with God’s people, but God’s whole creation.  While Greg Beale pushed the limits of a sentence, I love that he starts with the “story” of the Bible.  The idea of the Bible as God’s story that we get to enter into is powerful for me.  I don’t know John Frame, but his response was truly tweet-able.  He says the message/story of the Bible is

“God glorifies himself in the redemption of sinners.”

Here is the link to the Strawberry-Thubarb Theology blog and here is the list of people who contributed a sentence…

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