What does it mean that Jesus rose again?

As many of you know, my son Silas has Leigh’s disease.  The latest development is that he is experiencing seizures (technically called “infantile spasms) at night and right after he wakes up.  He started on meds for the seizures two days ago.  This variety of treatment has an 87% cure rate so we’re hopeful this will cure them and we can get back to dealing with the Leigh’s stuff.  But the treatment means that Silas gets one injection/day for the first 4 weeks and then one injection every other day for the next 4.  And guess who gets to give him that shot?  You guessed it…me.

Year ago, my uncle wrote a song with the lyric,

“What does it mean that Jesus rose again?…Lord, make it true, make my Monday more than a case of the blues.  And let my sins crucifixion give me the life you would chose…”

That is one loaded lyric.

This week at ECC, we are going to have a funeral for Joe Sprunger and getting ready for Thelma Neterer’s memorial service.  Some at ECC have lost children recently.  There are other people who have lost loved ones and still others in the hospital or who have just returned from medical procedures.  This week I found out that a friend of mine is stepping down from ministry to save his marriage.  And for me, there is the battle against Leigh’s Disease with Silas.  (Sidenote:  feel free to read Sara’s blog if you would like to find out the latest info on our  family’s journey.)

I want us to be in prayer for all these people and understand that God’s heart hurts for the pain His people suffer because of the curse of sin on the whole world.  God can bring healing to every life situation we face.  I believe that.  But I also want to point us back to the original question.

What does it mean for all of us who are in the trenches of life that Jesus rose again?

How do we live out our faith day to day?

It’s an uphill battle for me some days, but I’m just trying to be honest.  I trust that I am part of God’s solution to the problem of sin in the world.  Jesus and His sacrifice is the ultimate solution, but as the spirit of God is working in my life I help to heal the world.

For right now, that is happening one injection at a time.

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